Trucking Dispatchers

Set yourself apart when looking for dispatching jobs, by knowing how to work well with drivers and use various tools. Trucking dispatchers can use these tips to keep business, and working relationships, running smoothly:

Don’t Overextend Drivers

Drivers need to stay within the legal hours of operation, so know and understand the rules when looking for a job. Trucking Dispatchers should never put drivers in a position where the only two choices are to be late for a delivery or to break the law to get there on time.

Don’t just look at mapping software and assume that the ten hours it should take to get there is accurate. Truck drivers need to eat, drink, use the restroom, and take breaks. Traffic and other issues can play a role as well. All of these things take time. Keep these and other issues in mind when determining when to set appointments or when letting a customer know what time the truck will arrive.

Be aware of unforeseen Issues

Drivers are out there on the road. They know if the weather is slowing things down in front of them, if there’s an accident, if there is a lot of traffic in a particular area, if they need to stop for fuel, and more. Trucking dispatchers can’t be aware of everything that is happening on the road, so ask. By knowing how to use this information, you will be better prepared than other applicants.

Make yourself a reliable Resource for Drivers

This is another good area in which to set yourself apart from other trucking dispatchers. Know how and where to find important information. If a driver calls to ask for directions, which resources will you have available? Can you easily access directions that include trucking routes? You don’t want to send a truck down a road that has a low-clearance bridge or weight limit that will create an obstacle.

Can you quickly check weather, road conditions, and road closures? Many drivers have some tools that help out in these areas, or they communicate with other drivers, but there are still times when they will need your help. It’s much easier for you to find this information from the comfort of your office. Never let a trucker get stranded on the side of the road due to bad information or your inability (or refusal) to help.

Answer the call. Be the dispatcher that truckers want working with them.