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customer-service  Most customers want to feel like they matter. If you make them feel valued, you can earn their loyalty. These common sense customer service tips can help:

Speak softly and carry a big Stick

Okay, you can’t actually carry a big stick (or use one on obnoxious customers) but the sentiment is the same. Talking softly will often help diffuse the situation. If you raise your voice along with an angry customer, he or she is more likely to escalate. By remaining calm and speaking gently, you are more likely to get a less volatile response instead of further outbursts. The customer will also feel like you are deferring to him or her, and that usually makes a big difference in their attitude.

The Customer is always right

You will often see this statement amongst common sense customer service tips. Unfortunately, it isn’t true. The customer is in fact frequently wrong. It just doesn’t matter. You can argue all day long, but being right isn’t going to retain customers. So, stop asking, “Who’s right?” and start asking, “What can we do to make this right?” Many times, people just want acknowledgment. Make customers feel valued by doing whatever you can to resolve their issues, or at least make them feel validated, even when they’re wrong. Even if you can’t give them a refund or, they will feel better knowing that you tried to do something for them.

Take them by the Hand

Some customers will not take the extra step to find the best deals. It may seem counterproductive to show customers how to save money, since you want their money, but it can pay off over time. Long term customers will often feel slighted by offers that are only for new customers or by learning that there was a discount that they didn’t receive. It’s just good business to make sure loyal customers remain loyal, by making them feel special with special offers from time to time.

Providing great customer service isn’t always easy, but making customers feel respected and valued with these common sense customer service tips will keep them coming back.