Last year, we reported that transportation dispatchers earned $38,450 per year, or $18.49 per hour. These professionals ensure that vehicles, equipment, and people reach their destination to perform maintenance, repairs or installation. (They don’t include fire, police or ambulance dispatchers who work with emergency and non-emergency calls.)

Average pay this year is up to $39,100 annually, or $18.80 hourly, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The range of salaries has also increased, starting from under $21,700 to over $60,090 per year, which equals $10.43 to $28.89 per hour.

  • The best paying industry remains the same: aerospace product and parts manufacturing. However, mean salaries dropped by just over 1 percent to $61,230 annually, or $29.44 hourly. Natural gas distribution rises from third to second place, averaging an annual $57,820, or $27.80 per hour. Debuting in third is the U.S. Postal Service, with mean pay of $55,890 per year, or $26.87 per hour.
  • The top-paying states differ this year. North Dakota leads with mean salaries at $48,180 per year, or $23.16 per hour. Alaska is next, averaging $45,990 annually, or $22.11 hourly. Last year’s best-paying state, Nebraska drops to third with mean wages at $45,180 a year, or $21.72 an hour.
  • City salaries have increased. Napa, California, moves up to first from second for pay, averaging $55,950 yearly, or $26.90 hourly. San Jose, in the same state, drops from first to second, with a mean salary of $53,250 per year, or $25.60 per hour. New on the list is Sandusky, Ohio, in third, averaging $53,050 annually, or $25.51 hourly.

Transportation dispatchers typically only need a high school diploma and are trained by their employers. If you’re interested in working at any of these positions, please contact us.