Dispatcher market (non 911/ems)

When one thinks of a “dispatcher” one might imagine the calm voice at the other end of emergency calls, but there are many different fields which rely on dispatch professionals to properly handle matters of communication and information management.

A dispatcher can work for taxi services, in the healthcare field, for shipping and delivery services, in public utilities, for airlines, and more. Depending on the line of work, dispatchers may be responsible for tracking goods or equipment, coordinating transportation schedules, monitoring calls, or receiving and relaying messages. With so many professions in need of dispatchers and such a vast array of skill sets, dispatch jobs are often available.

But how does the dispatcher market look?

Estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that, as of May 2013, over 180,000 people are currently holding dispatch jobs (not including those in emergency or police services) with an average hourly wage ranging from $13.00 to $19.00 per hour. Some of the higher-paying positions, such as those in natural gas distribution or railway transportation, have an average rate of $25.00 per hour!

Projected employment rates suggest the dispatcher market will increase with the average rate of the job market overall. So while that doesn’t mean a huge spike in demand, it does mean stability.

So don’t be intimidated if working in emergency services doesn’t seem like a good fit for you. As long as you have fantastic communication skills, value organization, and can work on a flexible schedule, dispatching could be a diverse career move to fit your skill sets just right. If you want more information or would like to see what the current market looks like in your area, visit Just Dispatchers today to check your local listings today!