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With summer quickly coming to a close, many small business will be gearing up for a busy fourth quarter. Fall and the holidays it supports are the busiest and most lucrative times of the entire year. So as the leaves begin to change, so does the mindset you have to have to make advertising and promotional decisions that will benefit your bottom line.

Here are some autumn advertising tips and promotions to try out with your small business.

Support Sports

It may not be something that’s on your radar, but advertising your service through local sports teams and events works very well. Simply placing an advertising sign up at a little league park can help generate customers (and revenue). Whereas sponsoring a team will bring even more exposure. Use sports as a way to show the community you’re involved while putting money back into your bank account.

Sign Accordingly

Make fall the time that your small business changes things up. Think of it as a way to re-brand yourself with new brightly-colored (think fall) signs that attract the eye. Colors work very well in attracting people and selling your service. Don’t be afraid to alter them slightly around the holidays to add even more spirit and immersion.

Season’s Greetings

Let your customers know that you value them by sending them seasonal cards that celebrate the holidays. With all the “buzz” that surrounds the holiday season, having your name (and greeting card) tacked up on the wall is the perfect way to pull in some holiday cash.

Offer Promotional Discounts

With those greetings cards, send out some nice 10 and 20-percent off service fliers. People are even more likely to try your service if they feel like they are getting a perk (and some savings). Don’t forget to include an expiration date so that people make use of the discount before the holidays end.

The fall season is an excellent time to rebound from any late summer number crashes you may have had. Use these tips to get a leg up on the competition and create a brand that’ll keep ’em coming back!

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