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One of the fastest ways to increase your sales, is to improve your customer service. The customer experience is incredibly crucial to repeat purchases and satisfaction, so it is imperative that your customer service to top notch. We will discuss 3 things you can do immediately to improve your customer service.iStock_000009612455XSmall_NOW

Way #1 Shorten Your Response Time

Nothing makes a bad customer service experience worse than a long time to get a response. When someone complains, get back to him or her immediately, even if it’s just to say, “Thank you for your feedback. I am looking into this and will get back to you.”  They want to know someone heard and someone is working on it. Set up expectations on response time internally for your team. Then adjust it based on what is actually happening.

Way #2 Don’t Flake

Now that you told the customer you’re looking into it and will get back to them, do it. Not getting back to them is about as bad as taking a long time to respond to their first contact. Utilize a tool such as Salesforce or use a ticket tracking system to record and notate conversations with customers. That way anyone can see the information and know exactly where your team is at with an issue. In Salesforce, tasks can be assigned to help your team stay organized and ensure they are not missing a follow up.

Way #3 Empathize and Sympathize

Whether a customer is upset or happy, people are happy when someone shares their experience or emotions. Connect with them somehow, and it will make things even better. Your customer service agents should reflect back to your customers and be sure to be relatable by taking ownership for any failures or problems. Your customers will appreciate it.

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