iStock_000011530814XSmall-300x249With the pressures of work and a lack of time to dedicate to family, it is not uncommon for hardworking individuals to find themselves having difficulty with juggling a family and a career: how to survive is often at the forefront of many people’s minds. This may especially be the case for you if you are accustomed to working alternative hours in shifts commonly found in dispatching careers. Whether you work a day, night or swing shift, there are many ways that you can ensure that your family and career both receive the attention and respect they deserve, in order to help you succeed both on the job and at home. Here are a few tips for juggling your family and career:

1. Be Present.

Whether it is at your job or at home, focus on what is important in each area. Give your best effort to both. If on the job, keep yourself organized so that you can provide the best possible service to your customers while staying on top of the workload. Dedicate time to family when home, and do things you enjoy together with them. Be sure to give yourself some quiet personal time as well.

2. Plan date nights or family outings ahead of time.

When something is scheduled, it is more likely to be kept. By scheduling a regular activity, you can plan it around your schedule for a day and time that you will feel the most relaxed, refreshed and excited.

3. Talk about your day with your family.

Help them understand what your day to day looks like so they take interest in what you do. Discuss how your day went so they can understand how you might be feeling, and help you refocus on the rest of the day.

4. Create a routine both at home and on the job.

Routines create patterns in our lives, allowing us to complete regular and often mundane tasks with speed and efficiency. Work with your family to set up a morning and evening routine, to quick finish necessary chores and tasks and allow for more free time at home. At work, consider the parts of your shift, time of day, or order of tasks that you are able to accomplish the most in, and work to follow a routine for the everyday actions.

Juggling family and a career can feel overwhelming at times. However by taking a few small steps at both the workplace and at home, it is possible to not only feel comfortable in both roles, but to enjoy what you are doing and cherish family time as well.