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Running a Limo/Car Service can be a stressful affair, especially when you add to it marketing and advertising.hummer-h2-limo-06

On any given day you will be organizing and maintaining your fleet, keeping track of expenses, training and hiring staff (like drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics), and automating menial tasks while systematizing those that are periodic.

Who has time to brand themselves with all that going on? The answer is you do. Here are 3 great ideas to help you market your limousine service and maybe make a little extra money along the way.

Offer Exclusive Services

If you are the only limo service in your area, then great! This one is easy. But if you are faced with a stiff competition, keeping your head above water while remaining competitive can be an undertaking.

A great way to remain viable and profitable is to offer services that are exclusive to your brand. Things that clients will talk to their friends and family about. Here are some ideas:

– Red Carpet/VIP Service

– Red Roses Service

– Champagne Service

– Anyway to personalize and brand yourself

Client Appreciation Scripting

After booking, make it a point to confirm with your scheduled client personally via telephone. Make it the job of one of your skilled dispatchers. Never just send an email to confirm. This way, you can address any ways you can exceed your customer’s expectations, and provide them with one-of-a-kind amenities that may not receive from other limo services. Then, after the services are rendered, send a thank you letter. Customer retention her you come!

Partnering with Local Business

If you have been in business for a while, you now doubt know the owners and managers of local restaurants, which is perfect for this marketing idea. As you know, Monday through Thursday can be quite slow for a limo service. So what better time is there to get those limos on the road (for some free advertising)?

Contact some local restaurants and ask to do a cross-promotion for 15% off lunch or dinner, in exchange for 15% off of the client’s limo service. And once you get this agreement to work, don’t stretch yourself. You can easily turn the mid-week doldrums into extra profit with just the help of a one or two restaurants.


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