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A lot of small business make a big mistake when it comes to their website: once it’s up, they leave it alone. All successful businesses maintain, update, and upgrade their websites regularly. Something that all small businesses with a web presence should be doing regularly.download (1)

Here are 4 things you can do this week to improve your small business’ website.

1. About what? Take a close look at your About page. What does it say about who you are as a company? You may not think anyone cares about how you got started, who you serve, your employees, and so on, but trust us, they do. Put up photos, Google Maps directions, hours, history, etc.

2. A Picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs that are relevant to your business should be placed strategically around your website. But not just any photos, leave the stock photographs where they belong. Put up photos of things at your business, things you are proud of, your storefront, anything that helps a customer relate and want your services.

3. Statistic software solves problems. Software like Google Analytics can give you valuable insight into your customers. Like where they came from, what links they clicked, and what pages they view. There’s even a way to get very technical information if you have an account.

4. How does it look from over there? You may have created your website in Internet Explorer, but do you know how it look in Opera? Firefox? Chrome? What does it look like to a mobile user? Try finding your website on every platform to ensure it works, and looks like you intended it to. Or, for those who are strapped for time, check out Cross Browser Testing to do most of it at once.

When implemented correctly, these simple solutions can save you lots of time, generate leads, and increase customer flow. Which one will you do first?