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In this modern age of online transactions and digital communication, one of the basics of business is frequently overlooked. Customer service is one of the aspects of business that is critically important, but so frequently it takes a back seat to efficiency and cheap prices. There are many customers out there that are glad to pay more if they know they will be getting great customer service. So what are some simple things your staff can do to better your customer service?

Acknowledge waiting customers. There’s nothing more annoying than feeling like you’re invisible, whether you’re in a store or waiting on hold on the phone. Everyone can understand that we all get busy from time to time, but the simple act of saying hello and that someone will be with you as soon as possible will gain you major points in the eyes of the customer. Yes, this is easy to do on the phone as well. I’m fairly certain no one likes those automated machines.

Make eye contact. This obviously only applies to in person transactions, but it makes a huge difference in the responsiveness of the customer. When you make eye contact, you connect with people and it’s such an infrequent occurrence in digital interaction today that it makes a world of difference.

Offer empathy. An upset customer is something no company wants, but it happens to everyone. The way that you handle an upset customer can mean the difference between a brand basher and a brand ambassador. One way to disarm upset customers is to be empathetic to their situation. So often they get on the phone, ready for a fight and when you concede and share their frustration, suddenly you’re on their side.

Follow up. This is one thing that never fails to make me a fan of a company. I love getting a follow up email or even call to make sure that I’m happy with my experience. It’s proactive and empowering and that’s a great way to make your customers feel.

While it might seem that customer service is pretty simple, these very basic practices rarely make it into daily interactions with customers.


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