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customer-serviceA strong communication skill is important to being a high-quality dispatcher. After all, without it, the job wouldn’t be possible. However, for a dispatcher to be even better at their job, it takes incorporating other factors into their skill-set as well.

Here are some tips on how a dispatcher can go from good to great, while improving customer service relations, customer retention, fostering loyalty, and promoting a positive working environment:

 Augment your operational skills. Not only does improved operations make things run smoother, they also help your company keep a loyal customer base, which also works to gain new customers.

Improve dispatching communication skills through training. It plays a major role between a dispatcher and a driver/field tech, and does more for a customer than they will ever know.

 Practice accurate scheduling. Accuracy in scheduling will lead to prompt pick-ups and deliveries, which, in turn, will lead to customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Be an active listener in all facets of communication. This includes the time talking to a customer on the telephone, as well as in the dispatching process. Learn the customers name and use it, and avoid putting people on hold when possible.

– Be prepared for difficult situations, because there is always a chance of them happening. There will be situations where technical difficulties, or even logistical problems can make it next to impossible to assist a customer, but it’s important to keep cool and relay the issue to the customer with clarity and respect.

– Customer service should also extend to all drivers/field personnel. Effective communication will help to create a solid connection between dispatcher and service tech, so it’s important to treat everyone as you would a customer: with respect and kindness.