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When it comes to field service scheduling, dispatchers play a vital role. So it’s never a bad idea to take some time to take a look at all the processes, and make sure that everything is operating at its peak efficiency.

Here are 3 tips to keep service scheduling and dispatch running smoothly and efficiently.

Scheduling Software

Want to increase efficiency with little to no trouble? Invest on some scheduling software. Cloud-based solutions or localized software can increase organization, triage, and improve productivity even if you aren’t tech savvy. Just be sure the software works like a two-way street, in that it can send work orders from home base, as well as receive information requests from the field.

User-friendly software is not only an effective tool that helps increase productivity, it also provides timely information in a snap.

Track Technicians Skill Sets

A tool that keeps up with all of your technician’s abilities is useful and valuable. Knowing who the right person is for each job, and who has what tools to do each task, will help dispatch ensure the problem is fixed quickly and accurately. If you aren’t monetarily able to invest in the software, or aren’t able to maintain automated routing, then there’s nothing wrong with visual access to your technicians routing and skill sets. That way, a simple drag and drop creates a work order for the right person.

Scheduling Wisely

To get the most out of your field service technicians, scheduling them in a staggered pattern will add to running things efficiently. It will also help cut down on any overtime expenses you may incur for shifts that happen to overlap. And if possible, set up a system by which you dispatch particular technicians from their home to help reduce ineffective( and costly) service downtime in the morning hours.