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customer-retentionNo matter the business you are in, without customers to keep it going, your business will not make it. It’s not a harsh reality, it’s simply a rule. This is why it is important to present yourself and the service you offer in way that keeps customers returning.

Here are 4 ways to attract more customers to your small business and create a solid customer base.

1. Location is Key

The old saying that location is paramount to achieving in business may seem overstated at times. But for many businesses, without a great location, business may falter. For a dispatching service, however, having a central hub that makes it easy for those in the field to return to quickly and easily, while still helping customers, may be a hidden secret to keeping customers (and staff) happy.

2. Appearance

The first impression is a lasting impression. This isn’t just for how employees dress, either. Keeping areas where customers visit is just as important to giving the impression that your business is clean, approachable, and maintained. The same can be said for vehicles for fleet services. Clean and maintain service vehicles the same as you would your office. Such a simple piece of advice that will go a long way, and your customers will appreciate your squeaky clean appearance.

3. Prices for Service

Obviously if your prices are exorbitant, customers will shy away from what you have to offer, especially if you have competitors. While you want to turn a profit (that’s why you’re in business, among other things), you still need to stay competitive and give customers reasons to want to pay you for your services. Do this by adding sales, coupons, specials, buy one get ones, etc. This also works for offsetting costs: lower the price of your service, but offer any products you may have at a slightly higher cost. Brilliant, yet simple.

4. Friendliness Breaches the Gap

Perhaps the best piece of advice for anyone in the business of dealing with customers is friendliness is priority number one. If you have a rude, brash, or callus person working for you, there is a very good chance they will offend somebody at some point. And you know how bad word of mouth travels compared to good. Friendly staff members will keep customer coming back, in all facets of your business.


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