difficult_people Everyone knows who they are; those people who make your work environment hostile.  These people are irritating, disrespectful employees who show up late, leave early, don’t do the work on time (or not at all) and have excuses for everything.  You can’t do anything right with them.  It’s frustrating enough that co-workers and customers are knocking on your door to deal with the person.  You are busy running day-to-day management duties.  It’s one thing managers must be prepared to handle: How to deal with a Difficult employee .

Never ignore the issue.  It’s not going away because you hide in the office or ignore the warning signs.  As upper management you are responsible for controlling this situation.  All this is going to do is escalate the problem.  Instead…

Intervene.  Get involved as soon as possible.  It’s easier to handle the problem.  Don’t wait until it gets out of hand…

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