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If you operate a taxi, limo or shuttle service, you probably rely a great deal on online reviews to help you attract new business.  Even one negative comment can sometimes be enough to deter people from hiring your company, which is why it is important to give your best service at all times. Here are some customer service tips for dispatchers you can use to help you obtain more satisfied customers, thereby boosting your online stats.Report_card1-300x300

View yourself as a solution to a problem. Customers call you because they need reliable transportation, and some of them may even be facing difficult circumstances. As such, you should treat each caller with dignity, no matter how outraged he or she may be. Empathize with the customer in order to diffuse any anger, and reassure that person that the problem will be handled to the best of your ability.

In some cases, patrons may have to wait some time before their driver actually arrives. Whenever this happens, keeping the customer updated on developments can ensure your caller does not become anxious during the meantime. It can also be a good idea to make a follow-up phone call once service has been established in order to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

If you need to place a caller on hold, be sure to explain the reason for doing so ahead of time. It can also be helpful to let your customer know approximately how long the wait time will be. If the wait turns out to be longer than you had anticipated, check back in with your client to let that person know you haven’t forgotten about him.

In addition to using good phone etiquette, drivers should also be trained to provide courteous service to your clients as well. Drivers should exhibit a neat and orderly appearance, and the vehicle should appear to be clean and well maintained as well. In the transportation sector, every detail is important, so by paying careful attention to detail, you can also help ensure satisfied customers.