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It’s hard to keep up with the constantly changing menu of social media channels, online marketing opportunities, and search engine optimization theories. Small businesses often don’t have time to invest in every new trend that comes along in the online world, and that’s okay. When it comes to prioritizing social media and determining where you need to be present online, it’s imperative to remember Google+. Here are just a few reasons for investing the relatively small amount of time and energy on this social media channel.g-plus-icon-96x96

1) Google+ influences SEO – This is perhaps the best reason to create a Google+ account and maintain it. Google wants everyone to have a Google+ account (some of the reasons are detailed in this recent New York Times article). It’s generally to every small business to appeal to Google, and one way of doing this is by getting on Google+. If you make sure the account links to your website, and you make sure to include a Google+ badge or link on the homepage of your website, you should see an SEO boost on Google search. This should increase as you build followers and post regularly.

2) Google+ offers great opportunities with communities – Google+ communities enjoy a great reputation for serious discussions and shared expertise. While Facebook is overcrowded and Reddit is often dominated by inside jokes and memes, Google+ communities are great places for networking, discussing industry trends, and even recruiting new talent. Establishing your small business as a thought leader in these communities is a great way to build exposure.

3) Google+ seamlessly integrates – Most small businesses use Google for a variety of different online marketing means. Some might use Gmail for email, AdWords for advertising, YouTube for video (owned by Google) and Picasa for pictures. All of these live under Google’s massive umbrella, and can be compiled in one central hub that is your Google+ page. This integration means that by posting a video, a photo album, etc, you’re actually becoming more and more active on Google+ and potentially effecting your SEO positively. Build awareness across all of your channels and Google will see your business as a well oiled machine in the online world.

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