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istock_000015655799small_number_5_w640They can be referred to as many things, but most prefer dispatcher or fleet manager. The unsung hero that, without, most fleets would be left in the dark. They are, perhaps at times, more important than even the vehicles that they help to navigate. Some would even argue that they hold the key to the success of every service where dispatching plays a major role.

Here are 5 other names a great dispatcher should be called:

A Great Planner

Strategic planning and dispatching are paramount to saving any company money, and keeping productivity high. A well thought out plan that considers all of the aspects of delivery, vehicle acquisition, supplier selection, will yield a hardy return for any business.

A MultiTasker

Some people find it difficult to manage more than one thing at a time. But imagine what it’s like to manage more than a hundred vehicles at a time. To be an effective dispatcher, one has to be a highly-skilled at managing many things at one time, and be good at it.

An Innovator

In many situations a fleet manager will be in charge of managing a company’s biggest asset. So with that responsibility comes the power to be a great innovator. Choosing suppliers, finding and bettering equipment, making sure vehicles are operating efficiently. These sorts of traits help to make the manager more effective and the fleet more valuable.

A Communicator

Great communication skills are what makes a fleet manager effective. It’s benchmark for success. A strong and clear communicator can better any business’ fleet; manage drivers; organize suppliers; and juggle executives all in the same breath.

A Great Investment

Just as one expert says in his article entitled “Consider the Dispatcher:”

The dispatcher is at the centre of everything that the fleet does. They hear from irate customers when the load is late, from irate drivers who don’t like something about their assignment, from irate bosses; salespeople… So why don’t more companies invest in their dispatchers? If dispatchers are part of your team you might want to ask yourself that same question.

A great fleet manager operating at a high level can not only save a company huge sums of money, they are also be great leaders, team players, networkers, and have what’s best for the business in mind. Have you thanked a dispatcher today?