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how-not-to-interview-02-office-romance-slMost careers require us to be at work sometimes more than we are at home. And because of that, we often find ourselves in situations where dating a co-worker becomes a reality. But is dating a co-worker ever a positive thing for your job or for your personal life? Are office romances a sweet treat or disaster waiting to happen?

Here are the pros and cons to dipping your pen in the company ink.

Pro: The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. There’s just something about doing something that is usually against policy (most places of employment are definitely NOT okay with office romances).

Con: What begins as a sultry love affair turns into real love. Meaning hiding it will lose its flair after a while and you’ll both be in lost of awkward situations.

Pro: You will get to see each other everyday!

Con: You get to see each other every day…

Pro:You have a buddy from the same workplace that you can share all of your feeling, thoughts, and opinions to about the place you share together.

Con: All you ever do is talk about work when you’re not there. A fact that become a painful reality after a few months.

Pro: You and your new office ally can rule the world! You can confide and trust in them and work becomes an easy obstacle.

Con: The rest of the team finds out about you, and they and quickly all gang up on you. Then slowly favoritism turns into fraternization, which becomes termination.

Pro: You get paid to be around someone who tickles your fancy in more ways than one. It’s a rare and beautiful thing.

Con: When you break up, or have a fight, work is awkward, annoying, and painful to be at. You even consider quitting.

The bottom line: Sure, an office romance has advantages, but those bright spots come with many disadvantages. So here’s a few points:

  • Only get involved if you think it may be more of a long term relationship. One night stands are definitely out.
  • If you feel an attraction, talk about it like adults and make sure you both are looking for the same things.
  • It’s best that, if you do start an office romance, you work on separate floors, rooms, departments, etc.
  • Discuss what happens if you break up.
  • While you’re at work, keep it professional. Nothing sours faster for everyone like overzealous lovers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!