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iStock_000011592730XSmallIt’s the new year and you know what that means: time to change your marketing game plan. There’s an adage circulating around the internet that marketing is like fitness, in that when fitness experts find something that works better than what they were doing, they change their habits to fit their needs. Which, in today’s ever-changing environment, is as true as it has ever been.

Here are 3 tips on marketing for your small business.

Make sure your diet is healthy

In the same way that marketing is like fitness, your customers are your diet. Doing the the sort of work that is healthy for you will build your business into a great shape. The other side of your diet is like fast food: quick and easy, but not good for you in the long term. This year plan to eat 20 percent less fast food and take aim at getting healthier. Be more strategic in how your market in the short term instead of long term/easy advances that don’t seem to have an immediate pay off.

Try out mixed routines like CrossFit

Ever heard of CrossFit? It’s high energy, variable, and challenging. But anyone can do it at any level and at any age because of how adaptive it is. This year don’t focus so much on one aspect of your marketing. Don’t focus solely on awareness activity when your SEO and web traffic are lacking; try and add more conversion and loyalty through content development. Don’t be the guy who skips leg day, and at the end of the year is so top heavy you’d think his legs were on the wrong body. Be dynamic and nimble.

No more yo-yo dieting

Every fitness guru in the country will tell you that not sticking to a diet plan can be worse for your body than not doing anything. This translates into marketing in the same way that if you plan out a huge event one month, drum up lots of business and bring in new customers, and then do nothing for months on end, don’t be surprised if those new customers forget. Instead do what healthy people do, commit to 20 minutes a day. Get everyone on staff involved in your regime and have them all do the same. Imagine the results.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard, yes just like fitness it requires hard work and dedication, but it does get easier over time. Make 2014 a successful year, pick a plan and stick to it. The results will surprise you.