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new-year-s-resolution1If you are looking for resolutions that are a bit easier to keep than eat less, sleep more, de-stress, and so on, then look to your small business. The new year is the perfect time for you and your business to kick it up a notch, and make changes that will last longer than a just few months (like not eating sugar).

Here are your top 5 small business resolutions to get you on the right track:

Use Tech to its Fullest

Commit this year to getting the most out of your technology investment solutions. So many small business owners neglect their tech investments; despite the reasons they purchased them. Don’t forget why you made the investment in the first place: to save time and become more efficient.

Connect with Your Customers

2014 should mean a new start. So with that you should begin strategizing news ways to innovate your customer relations. Start looking at your customers as relationships to build on and not transactions. Begin building before the transaction and carry it all the way until you hand over the receipt.

Make Customer Service a Priority

It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth: Customers should be priority number one. Because without them your small business is not going to be doing very well. And as a recent survey found: one in six people would rather visit a dentist than speak to a customer service rep. Ouch.

Don’t Miss Marketing Opportunities

In 2014 plan to throw some money at marketing. It is, after all, an investment with an invaluable return. Use some of that forgotten tech from tip number one and create an online persona. Make a Facebook, create a Yelp account, market what you can do for people. Measure it quarter to quarter, tweak when necessary, and reap your reward: revenue.

Become a Social Media Guru

If you think you missed the opportunity to make an online presence, you are completely wrong. If you have a social media presence and you haven’t seen results, change up your strategy. As we mentioned in the previous step, taking steps to make a Linkedin account or to start Tweeting are free. Talk about an investment with nothing but a positive return.

Learn to Roll with the Punches

Finally, this year learn to be nimble and change course when necessary. Take a lesson from online retailer Amazon (who started out in a garage, by the way), “borrow” customers from competitors because of better service and lower prices. Identify your points of difference, how you are better, why your brand supercedes others, and build a following. 2014 is your year.

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