Halloween-wallpaper4Halloween’s official date is October 31st, which falls on a Thursday this year. For it to fall on a weekday is sort of a bummer for hardcore enthusiasts. So, though it isn’t necessarily in line with the spirit of Halloween, celebrating the annual spookfest before the actual day makes the most sense for those who work a regular work week or for kids in school. Here are some fun Halloween activities to do with your friends and family to celebrate, for no matter what day you choose.

Live near a zoo? Most larger zoos offer haunted houses/walkthroughs or haunted hayrides at a lower cost of admission because they are usually done in time-slots, much like a ride at a fair. Not only is going to an event such as this a way to have fun with your loved ones, but it is also a stellar way to support the zoo for the regular year.

Do you like scary movies? Head out to a theatre for a movie marathon. Many theatres will run back-to-back classic movies at a discount to attract movie-goers. What better time of season is there than to see classics like The Shining or Psycho on the big screen? Oh, and don’t forget to dress up for added fun! Many theatres have costume contests along side the movies.

Visit a graveyard. No,really. Cemeteries have been offering historic tours for a long time. It’s a way to highlight specific local events and people in history, and drum up a little cash on the side. Events such as these will often feature local people in character to add flair to the tour, and, though they aren’t “scary” per se, they are spooky enough to bring most of the family.

Or just stay in. Though Halloween seems like it’s just for kids, it doesn’t have to be. Invite some friends over for a scary movie marathon. Make some ghoulish treats, carve a pumpkin, play dress up. Really, just have fun and enjoy yourself. That’s what Halloween is all about.