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social-media-logosThe best way to keep up with demands of a growing business is to hire employees. They can then handle day-to-day operations so you can concentrate on strategic planning. You’ll get much of your information about job applicants from their application forms, resumes and cover letters. However, these documents only show you what they want to tell you. To find out a more accurate picture about potential employees, check out their lives online.

  • Browse their social pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. What they do in their private lives can easily spill over into work. Do their messages complain constantly about their current employer or do they talk about how much they enjoy the work? What do their pictures tell you about them? Do the images show wild parties and drunken escapades? Or are they supporting Little League teams, participating in charity fundraisers, and attending industry conferences?
  • Use Google Search to discover what third parties think about your applicants. Don’t forget to look under the Images, Videos, News, and Blog options as well. You may come across news stories about their arrests for workplace assaults. On the other hand, you may find awards from association websites for their contributions to your industry. You can use Google Alerts to inform you by email in case any new items about your person of interest appears on the web.
  • Scour employment and business sites, such as LinkedIn, for their online resumes and job applications. Do the employee names, dates of employment, job titles, and job descriptions match across all sites? Is the information the same as what’s in the resume? Minor discrepancies, such as transposed dates or missing words, may simply reveal carelessness. However, major differences, such as in compensation numbers or job duties, may be an attempt to deceive.

You can’t always rely on what applicants give you to determine their suitability for the job. These independent searches will tell you more about them because they are unfiltered and more objective.

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