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Home businessSometimes when you own or run a business in a trade industry, you don’t think too much about corporate business strategies. You try to do effective marketing, keep a reliable team of workers on staff and try to keep your customers as happy as possible.

However, there are some strategies that multi-million dollar corporations use all the time, that are not all analytics, loopholes and other mumbo jumbo, (that would never apply to your business model). Many small business owners feel that borrowing a strategy or two from corporate America is one of the most crucial steps for growing your small business that you can take. In a current LinkedIn article, Virgin Mobile founder, Richard Branson revealed that he mainly hires new people based on personality. He never gets hung up on qualifications, because personality is something that you cannot learn. Though he does take a chance and hire a “maverick,” every now and then, because he feels their different perspective will often turn, “problems,” into, “opportunities, and inspire creative energy within a group;” this even is still about personality. Digging Through the Weeds It’s unfortunate, but in interview situations, it’s sometimes really hard to get a clear picture of someone’s personality. People are shy and sometimes they over-compensate; and they really aren’t the person they portray in the interview. So what are some strategies that you can use bring out an interviewee’s true personality? Care Questions Finding out what an applicant cares about outside of the business environment (including hobbies, charitable causes, family life etc.), can help you to see who he really is, because it’s hard to fake interest in something. An amusing example of this is when you meet a popular TV show super fan. They know all the show characters by name; don’t miss a minute of the show when it airs; and read about it on their down time. Through passion, it is easy see who a person is because they often can’t help but be themselves, when describing something that they genuinely love.