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Are you searching for innovative ways to attract more customers to your small dispatching business? If so, you may want to consider tapping into the multimillion dollar tourism market. There are assorted methods that could be used to do just that. Here’s a rundown on three of them:

#1 – Audio Tours

Partnering with others and creating a series of audio tours is one way to attract more customers to your small business. Just in case you are not familiar with them, audio tours are frequently used by a variety of tourists. Some of the audio tours come complete with customizable MP3 players, case inserts and maps. Thus, you can add your dispatching company’s advertising material to various product components.

Afterward, you could distribute the customized tours to area hotels, restaurants and tourism related agencies in the hopes that they will share them with their customers. You could also distribute the audio tours yourself via your dispatching company’s website.

#2 – Travel Kiosks

Signing up to have your small dispatching business included in automated kiosk systems is another action worth considering. The kiosks are typically located in high traffic tourist areas like airports, hotels, museums and restaurants. If there are no kiosks in your area, you may want to consider mentioning the subject to your local Chamber of Commerce, CVB or Tourism Board. Perhaps there will be enough interest in the kiosks to purchase them as part of a co-operative marketing campaign.

#3 – Hotel Partnerships

Speaking of high traffic tourist areas, oftentimes there are opportunities to partner with area hotels on other projects. For example, you may ask area hotels about advertising your dispatching service in their guest room directories, group sales packets, elevators and key card envelopes. Some hotels may also be willing to allow you to install a dedicated lobby phone that transfers guests’ transportation requests right to your business. You’ll never know unless you set up a meeting with the General Manager and ask.