Taxi service dispatchers are a good career opportunity that might surprise you in how well it pays. It’s also a career that doesn’t require an extensive amount of education, even though communication skills and multitasking are going to be paramount. But let’s not forget how valuable and rare those skills are in many other higher-end careers.

What Does a Taxi Service Dispatcher Do?

A dispatcher for a taxi service typically works out of the company’s headquarters and takes calls from customers requesting a cab. They also communicate with the taxi drivers when it’s necessary. While you still see two-way radio systems being used in some taxis, today’s communication with a dispatcher is more likely via cell phone, Bluetooth phone or a computer.

The dispatcher will also pass on directions to the taxi driver in helping get to a location faster. As well, if the taxi breaks down or becomes a victim of crime, the dispatcher knows where they are via GPS and can send help.

Education Needed for a Taxi Dispatcher

In most cases, you only need a high school education to land this job. Taxi dispatchers usually gain employment based on past experience such as any prior career with customer service or clerical skills. And, as mentioned, being able to effectively communicate on the phone with customers will be imperative. A dispatcher might be dealing with irate people on the phone (if also those inebriated), so experience dealing with problematic people will need to be proven.th

Basic Salary and Time Involved

The most recent salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has taxi dispatchers earning roughly $27,840 per year. That might fluctuate up to well past $30,000 depending on which city you work in and your experience. Overall, its a very good salary considering that no real degree is required. You’ll have to work full-time, and it’s going to require some possible long hours when emergencies occur or if there’s a shortage of help due to inclement weather. At times, you may be asked to work on holidays when taxis could be at their peak of use.

Outlook for a Taxi Dispatcher

Dispatchers for taxi services will always be in demand due to the constant need for taxis. As gas prices rise and people lose their employment, they’ll need to rely on taxis to get around. A dispatcher will likely be taking many calls in the future from people who need a taxi for numerous purposes. You might as well be one of those dispatchers who can make sure the connections with a taxi driver are done right.

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