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Are you a dispatching firm that’s looking for tips on advertising your small business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. There are obviously many ways to advertise a dispatching business. One of them is to make use of big format printing services. Here’s a brief look at how dispatching companies can utilize those services to their advantage:

Large format printing services typically include polypropylene banners, heavy duty magnets, glossy posters, window clings and rigid signs. Each one is an efficient and effective way to promote a dispatching business. For example, let’s assume that a big conference is taking place in your dispatching company’s area and a large number of the conference’s attendees are expected to be coming in from out of town. Hence, the probability that they’ll need taxi, limousine or car service while at the convention will be high. Well, big format advertising materials can help attract those conference attendees to your dispatching business.

For instance, you could hang 16’ x 150’ outdoor banners, install 5’ x 10’ rigid signs and place 53.5” x 120” window clings in areas all along the main route leading to the event venue. Because they are large, the items could be designed to advertise your dispatching firm as well as businesses that you partner with (i.e. restaurants). That way, you could potentially share the advertising costs involved with those partners.

Understandably, more than just large exterior signage may be need to get attendees to notice your dispatching firm’s transportation services. That’s why you may want to ask the printer about 59.5” x 150” indoor banners, 24” x 60” banner stands and 59.5” x 150’ posters. If you manage to develop a working relationship with the conference’s organizers, the items could easily be used indoors during the event to promote your firm’s transportation services further.

To discover additional information about advertising and your small business, contact us. We here at Just Dispatchers have experience in helping dispatching businesses grow.