It used to be that job-hunting for service vehicle dispatchers needed only an up-to-date resume, a cover letter, and filling out an application. But with the growth of Internet, employers know you most likely have been online many times. So they examine your web trails to find out if you’re suitable for their jobs. You can make sure that they see only what you want them to see with the following guidelines.social-media-logos

  • Do a Google Search on your name to find out what the web has on you. Don’t forget to look under the Images, Videos, and Blogger options. If a website says or shows something about you that is questionable, politely ask its owner to delete the offending item. Use Google Alerts to automatically email you if any additional information about you appears online.
  • Speaking of offending items, how many potentially embarrassing postings do you have on Facebook, Tumblr, or other social sites? Potential employers won’t find your photos of binge drinking or complaints about the dispatch industry as amusing as your friends did. Remove those photos and posts. Don’t just set them as viewable by friends only, because employers may want you to friend them.
  • Double-check any employment information you’ve posted online, such as on LinkedIn or other employment sites. Make sure that dates, tasks, and other job details match each other and the resume that you sent to employers. You don’t want them questioning inconsistencies that you may have accidentally listed.

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