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Transportation dispatchers are a necessary part of any company that deals with transporting passengers, freight, or service personnel for such tasks as delivery, installation, maintenance, or repairs. Their earnings ultimately depend on who they work for and the location of their jobs. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the average high salaries for the profession, which are current as of this post.

The average pay for transportation dispatchers runs $38,450 per year, or $18.49 per hour. The highest-paid 10 percent make over an annual $59,670, or $28.69 hourly. The lowest earners make less than $21,430 yearly, or $10.30 per hour. Top wages go to those with experience and some postsecondary training in logistics, transportation, or supply chain management.

The industries offering the best pay for the profession are manufacturers of aerospace products and parts, which average $61,940 per year, or $29.78 per hour. Metal ore mining ranks second at a mean $57,930 yearly, or $27.85 hourly, followed by natural gas distribution at a mean annual $56,910, or $27.36 per hour.

Dispatchers who want the best-paying location settle in Wyoming, which shows the highest average wages of any state at $44,970 per year, or $21.62 per hour. Nebraska is next at a mean $44,330 annually, or $21.31 hourly. In third is Connecticut with average pay of $44,290 yearly, or $21.29 per hour.

As for metropolitan areas, Silicon Valley, in California, boasts the highest salaries at a mean $53.990 per year, or $25.96 per hour. Another California metropolis, Napa, is next, averaging $53,570 annually, or $25.76 hourly. Third place belongs to Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk, Connecticut, at a mean yearly $51,360, or $24.69 per hour.


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