As a transportation dispatcher, it is important to be aware of tools that may help you and your drivers succeed. The good news is there just happens to be a lot of tech-based, dispatching tools available nowadays. Here’s a look at several that may help:

Mobile Apps for Transportation Dispatchers

Mobile apps geared towards transportation dispatchers are just one set of tools that may help your small business. Understandably, the apps’ features and price points will vary based on the manufacturer. However, features that may be ideal for your company are GPS tracking, road condition alerts, two-way communication, report capabilities and signature capture.

Mobile Apps for Professional Drivers

You may also want to provide your drivers with a list of great mobile apps that will assist them with doing their jobs. Examples are apps that provide turn-by-turn directions, roadwork alerts and area restaurant/gas station information. Free and/or low-cost mobile apps to consider are as follows:

  • Dashlane–Can help drivers keep track of loyalty program information
  • Expensify–Can help drivers electronically keep track of expenses
  • Evernote–Can help drivers electronically keep track of receipts too
  • Waze–Can help drivers with directions and road closures
  • Around Me–Can help drivers find a bite to eat and fuel
  • GateGuru–Can help drivers find services within airports
  • GasBuddy–Can help drivers find inexpensive fuel
  • Parker–Can help drivers find parking spots

Mobile Apps to Connect with Fares/Clients

Another option to consider investing in is a mobile app that can connect you and your firm’s other transportation dispatchers to your clients. There are various ways to do that. First of all, you could hire a technology firm to make a customized app for your dispatching company. Second, you could opt to buy into any of the existing consumer focused, transportation apps available. We’d suggest selecting one that can best help you with your dispatching company’s marketing initiatives.

For more information about improving your transportation dispatching career, contact us at Just Dispatchers. We’ve been helping to connect professional dispatchers with quality focused dispatching companies for years.