e88b28646c667b64037e4c5c7ee9f969As a taxi service dispatcher with an eye towards advancement, you already know one key truth. Helping to build your employer’s customer base is a surefire way to boost your career trajectory. What you may not be so sure of is how to go about it.

In the majority of instances, the best approach is to adopt practices designed to increase the taxi company’s customer service retention rate. After all, finding new taxi customers tends to be notoriously time consuming and increasingly expensive.

So which practices should you consider adopting first? Start the process of elimination by thinking about who is already using your employer’s services and why. Doing so should help to give you a better understanding of which actions will encourage those customers to stay.

For example, let’s pretend that your employer’s firm currently transports a large number of people to and from local grocery stores. Collectively, their chief complaint is that by the time they get home, their frozen food has defrosted. Therefore, it only makes sense that minimizing those complaints may help to bolster the firm’s customer service retention efforts.

Other customer concerns that could negatively impact a taxi company’s customer service retention efforts may or may not include the following:

  • Long wait times and use of extraneous routes that add time
  • High prices, extra fees and inconvenient payment methods
  • Difficulty reaching and  understanding taxi dispatchers
  • Poorly maintained vehicles that appear unsafe
  • Uncomfortable seats and air temperatures
  • Vehicles with soiled interiors and exteriors
  • Rude, unkempt and unsafe drivers

Once you have identified and minimized complaints, consider taking the taxi company’s customer service retention efforts a step further. Tasks to consider engaging in are the development of bounce backs, mobile push through and social media strategies.

Those are just a few actions that may help taxi service dispatchers increase a firm’s customer service retention rate. To learn more, visit the Just Dispatchers website. We offer access to taxi service dispatching jobs, employment tips and networking opportunities. In other words, you’ll find everything that you’ll need to develop your dispatching management career.

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