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Are you looking to start your own dispatching business? Perhaps you are an existing transportation related business in need of a little assistance. Either way, you may want to consider taking advantage of these small business resources:

Small Business Incubator Sitesdispatchers

Just like the name indicates, small business incubator sites are designed to grow fledging businesses. Often used by inventors and tech-minded individuals, they offer access to a variety of highly coveted business resources. Among them are mentors, angel investors, financing opportunities, communal workspace and networking opportunities. According to the National Business Incubator Association’s figures, there are approximately 7,000 such facilities located across the globe. The best way to find one in your area is to conduct a quick internet search.

Marketing Assistance

There are also non-profit agencies and government organizations that are willing to make marketing related, small business resources available to aspiring dispatchers. One of them is the FAMEE Foundation. Many of their small business resources are freely accessible. Others require the remittance of a small donation. Resources include self-study courses, opportunities to meet with business consultations and access to an online forum. The non-profit is presently based in Topeka, Kansas.

Other resources to consider utilizing for such support include the U.S. Small Business Association, SCORE and the SBDC. They have brick-and-mortar access points located all across the United States. Each one also maintains an online presence.

Job Specific Employment Websites

Job specific employment websites are another small business resource to contemplate utilizing. A good example of one to consider is Just Dispatchers. We help to connect dispatchers to dispatching companies. Thus, you could use feasibly use it to find employees for your new dispatching company or obtain on-the-job experience until you are ready to start your own dispatching business.