The trucking industry relies on drivers to carry product loads to the proper destinations, but it’s the dispatcher’s job to send them on their way and troubleshoot any problems that may occur. Trucking dispatchers are the heart of a transportation business and this job is perfect for someone who isn’t afraid of responsibility. Typically, a trucking dispatcher does much more than pass on messages. If you are interested in working in this exciting field, here’s some of the duties you can expect to perform.

  • Answer customer calls and arrange pick up and deliveries.
  • Designate trucks for deliveries.
  • Assist drivers with transportation paperwork.
  • Manage inventory and equipment maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot transportation issues.
  • Report road closings and detours to delivery trucks when needed.
  • Collect receipts for expense reports and creates reports.
  • Use software to track deliveries and report progress to clients.
  • Must be a good communicator who enjoys working with people.

While these tasks may vary from company to company, there’s no doubt that dispatchers are the key to a company’s success. Drivers need to have the assurance that the dispatcher is always available and eager to assist them when they need help. Customers need to be able to depend on dispatchers to guide their products to the right destination. Dispatchers are often relied upon to negotiate good prices for their customers but profitable deliveries for drivers. It’s a career that focuses on balancing customer service with employee safety.

Many companies consider the dispatcher’s job to be mid-management position and a good stepping stone toward managing in other areas of the business.