Most dispatchers don’t think about customer satisfaction within their jobs. Dispatch jobs vary from answering the phones to only talking to the drivers, but no matter how little contact the dispatch has with customers, satisfaction still matters. Dispatch is the voice that comes over the radio and customer satisfaction needs to be as much their concern as it is to the drivers.

Dispatchers need to remember to always be courteous. Imagine a taxi cab driver who is very pleasant to his customers and always receives high marks in customer satisfaction. His customers love him. Now imagine the dispatcher who comes over the speaker gruff and mean. Customers will hear the negativity and begin to foster their own negative feelings. A few rough words will turn this cab from a wonderful ride to just an OK ride. The company doesn’t need comments such as, “The driver is great but dispatch just leaves me feeling uncomfortable”.

The courteous attitude must extend to any phone calls taken in the office by dispatch. No matter whether dispatch is appointed to take calls or not, the person answering the phone must always have a pleasant attitude. Customers who don’t receive pleasantries on the phone tend to avoid calling back. Placing good feelings in the mind of the customer creates future business because the customer will remember the company that was nice on the phone. Proper phone manners need to be practiced at all times from a dispatch office.customer-service

Finally, the person at dispatch needs to concern themselves with customer satisfaction for the future of the company. If the above issues come to a head and customers turn to someone else for their needs, the company will surely not succeed. The dispatcher who wants to stay in a job and who wants the company to remain open will do everything necessary to make sure customers think of their company first. It makes good financial sense for a dispatcher to make sure he or she is doing their part to ensure the customer is happy.

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